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Percent. This term is a mathematical expression signifying "out of a hundred." We use percentages in mathematics to express proportions in a more understandable way. You'll find that they are widely used in everyday life, whether it's calculating discounts while shopping, analyzing test scores, or understanding statistics communicated in news. Jobs and businesses, particularly in finance and marketing also require understanding of percentages. Through this module, students of grade 4 will begin to grasp the basic concept of percentage, learn how to convert fractions and decimals into percentages, and vice versa. This important skill will help them comprehend real-world mathematical applications better while strengthening their fundamental math knowledge. Remember, if you learn percentages, you are learning a language spoken by everyone around the world.
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  • James had $70 to spend at the pet store. First, he bought a dog leash that cost $18. Then, he bought a dog bed that cost $32. How much money did James have left over?


  • Shane and his sister Maya saved money to buy a Mother’s Day gift. Shane saved $25, and Maya saved $30. They combined their savings and bought a scarf that cost $42. How much of their savings do Shane and Maya have left?



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